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One of the Best Secondary Skills

The best builds are the ones where you can use your arcane power (resources) efficiently. You do not want too arcane skill drainer sitting idle because of, you do not have enough arcane to lay these skills. Magic missile is a good skill primary. Good range and damage. You do not want to close the skills and taking unnecessary damage since you will not have enough skill defense. If you are looking for solo leveling builds, builds and pvp hybrid constructions, I recommend that you check.

Arcane Orb: One of the best secondary skills, cheap to run and does damage very well. Goes long way and ! For simple monsters, using missiles and Magic for little monsters use Arcane Orb. To engage large crowds, walk around them and group them. Cast wave force them away from you followed by Meteor Storm on you. Once the enemies get close, they'll take massive damage from Meteor. Eliminate all that is left with arcane orbs.

Ask your Ice Armor on all the time. For very large crowds, you go straight to engage with Archon, followed by Meteor, wave power and another Meteor. In this race to make Diablo 3 Solo, we will see how you can build a versatile wizard who can survive and level up solo with no support. One of the things I love about Diablo 3 is the way each class and is designed so that they are independent on their own. Each has its own set of skills in defense and escape allowing them to survive in difficult situations.

For solo leveling build, I highly recommend you take at least two exhaust or skills of the defense because all of them come with downtimes or low cost. Magic missile is important because it is extremely fast to launch and more importantly its range and . You can stay at a distance while killing your enemies. Arcane Orb is a perfect secondary skill because you can deal with crowds at a very low cost thanks to its range of 10 meters. Slow Time: A good defensive ability that slows enemy attacks and movement speed. Meteor: powerful skill that has more control over where it lands.

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