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A Primary Attack in Succession

The third capacity in the dropdown list, you get a kind of special effect. It does not matter if you use the same capacity or three times to mix. For example, if using Fists of Thunder three times in succession, the third time and , and the strike affects all enemies in front of you and hitting back, while the first two strikes, he just treats weapon damage. These strikes are to work in succession. If you hit an enemy twice and then break your combo with other abilities for a few seconds, you will not get the burst effect. In addition, the runes do your primary abilities have a special effect on the second shot of the combo as well.

In addition, the first 3 seconds of the activation of a Mantra have enhanced effects. In addition to generating mind, your primary attacks have a unique combat system for the monk. Each time you use a primary attack in succession, you start a "combo". Mantras are like in Diablo 3 Diablo 2 Auras. They are buffs that affect you and all allies within 40 meters. They cost a lot of the spirit of enterprise, but once used, they provide their buff to any target friendly or enemy (depending on the Mantra) that comes within his reach.

This class has both strong area of effect (also known as AoE, good for farming monsters weak) and a single target specializations (good for the fight against the bosses). Fans that provide mantras are very powerful and you will always want to use at least one and . The only downside is that you can only have one active at a time. Cost: 50 Spirit. Activates a mantra that affects you and allies within 40 meters, which increases your chance to dodge by 15%. For 3 seconds after activating the escape Mantra, your dodge rate is increased by an additional 15%. The Monk is one of two melee classes in the game and is designed to go head-to-head with his opponents.

For weapons, the monk actually has two unique classes of weapons: fist weapons and Adios (especial two-handed staff). However, the monk is not related to such weapons and just as easily lifts up a club one hand, ax, sword or dagger. Another good thing about Monk is that he seems to have some anti-caster abilities. For example, you can use your Strike Dashing basically teleport to a given target distance and root for 1 second. It's really handy to get you in a good position to take the enemies casting that assignment or raise the dead, fallen as guardians or Tomb.

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