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Powerful Spells with 2-Handed Weapons

In addition, all the attacks of your spells are based off of your weapon damage and the time between your attacks is equal to your attack speed, even for spells. There is no strength requirement on equipment, but rather just a few items that are off limits to a particular class. This means you can equip a slow 2-handed weapon powerful spells gusts, but you also have to wait a long period of time between casting spells. In addition to Arcane Power to supply capacity, the Assistant D3 has a much wider variety of equipment that the Diablo 2 Sorceress.

However, slower weapons tend to be more power efficient than Arcane fast. The reason is that you regenerate 10 Arcane Power per second, and a slow 2-handed weapon can not attack the order of 1 per second and , which means that you regenerate 10 Arcane Power between each spell cast. If you compared it to wand a quick attack twice per second, you only get 5 Arcane Power between each spell cast. Since a lot like Ray of Frost only per cast Arcane Power, a slow weapon that hits one can vote once per second for 10 seconds before running out of Arcane Power.

With a fast weapon like that, you can harness Ray of Frost just over 3 seconds before running out of Arcane Power. This is roughly 1/3 of the time when you used a slower weapon. This is because you start with 100 Arcane Power and every second resulting in a net loss of 10 Arcane Power (20 cost of the attacks, 10 of regeneration). Compare that to a wand fast attack two times per second. In this situation, you spend 40 seconds Arcane Potency by using Ray of Frost and yet only 10 regeneration Arcane Power, for a net cost of Arcane Power by 30 seconds.

Prodigy gives you four Arcane Power whenever you hit a target with a spell Signature and Alignment gives you 4 more Arcane Power when you hit a target with a magic bullet. Due to this mechanism and , it is the recommendation of this guide Diablo 3 Wizard stick to slower weapons where possible. This goes a long way to make your class much more mana efficient. If you run a quick but very powerful weapon, your best option as it is to use the skill Prodigy with a rune as passive balancing.

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