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Diablo 3 Shrines List

Shrines can be found in the game world and offer a variety of buffs and bonuses to your character. In this guide, D3 Sanctuary, you will find a list of all the sanctuaries you will find in Diablo and strategies for use at their peak.

Using the Sanctuary below (click on them to use), you gain a buff that lasts two minutes:

Lit sanctuary profaned. Increase the amount of experience points you earn 25%. This does not seem to do quests. To get the most out of this, you should try to find areas rich monster to use this game for example, if you find this close to a boss, he is probably a waste to use it here. You can kill the boss, take the place of worship, teleport to the city, and the use of a waypoint that leads to an area rich in monster to get the most value to your experience points.

Fortune desecrated sanctuary. Increases magic and gold to be found in finding of 25%. This is just additive on top of your regular gold find. What I mean is that if you have 200% gold find and magic find and obtain the sanctuary, you climb 225% magic find and gold find. Although this is a nice bonus when you get it, it's really not worth going out of your way to use it on bosses once you magic find and gold find gear since the overall bonus is not very large .

Sanctuary profaned Frenzy. This increases your attack speed by 25%. This is actually a better "boost" your ability to find items that the sanctuary is the Fortune you have a lot of MF / GF gear. Being able to do more damage means more kills which means more loot and experience points. This is probably the best sanctuary, you can get for this reason.

Happy desecrated shrine. This reduces the amount of damage you take by 25%. This is a huge amount of defense and it can certainly help in the fight against the bosses or hard packs Champion. One way would be to use this mode when you're stuck Inferno against a pack of champion you can not beat. Rather than taking the sanctuary at the first view, you can wait and save it for later. When you run into a difficult package, you can go back and then use it .

In addition to shrines, you can also find a "good recovery", which restores the health of your full character. If you are already in full health and playing a difficult game mode, you must save that you can always return to them when a pack of enemies difficult kite - be able to complete healing mid-fight can finally turn the tide of battle.

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