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Demon Hunter in Diablo 3: Bows, Hand Crossbows,Crossbows.

There are three types of weapons available to the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3: bows, crossbows, hand and crossbows. In this guide, available weapons, the demon hunter, you will discover exactly what the differences between these weapons are and what the best to use are.Bows and crossbows are two-handed weapons. They can be fitted in the main-hand slot and you can use a quiver in the off-hand slot when using these weapons.

Bows and crossbows

Bows and crossbows are two-handed weapons. They can be fitted in the main-hand slot and you can use a quiver in the off-hand slot when using these weapons. Both are powerful weapons at a distance. There are only two differences between them:

Arcs get 15% bonus damage from the skill Archery passive, while Crossbows get a 50% bonus damage to critical strikes. This promotes more Bows Crossbows unless you have a very high success rate critical, but no bonus damage to + crit gear. It is very difficult to do and usually involves poor gear choice, if not Arcs make the most of passive Archery.

Crossbows are slower than bows. This favors crossbows, as you regenerate hatred over time. This makes slower weapons more effective, so it favors Crossbows.

Since Archery is best for bows, but crossbows are slower, we will consider this an even draw. You can have your own opinion on this subject, but really the difference between bows and crossbows is just a personal preference.

Crossbows Hand Guide

Unlike bows and crossbows, crossbows hand can be double-handled. This means that you can actually equip two hand crossbows, a slot in the right hand and a niche in the off-hand. You can also use a quiver with a crossbow in hand if you have nothing better to put in the hand-off slot.

In Diablo 3, two weapons increases your attack speed by 15%. This is the only bonus you get the ambidexterity. You attack alternately with each weapon and each weapon retains its own attack speed. This means you must be very careful about the use of weapons in the hand-off slot. Your two arms must be on the same damage or otherwise you will not gain any damage done on using a quiver when two weapons.

The real advantage to wield two is that the weapons stats bonus shares, as the dexterity +, etc.. Weapons tend to have huge pools stat for overall statistics as dexterity and vitality, so when you dual wield Crossbows hand you really want to use stat-rich arms. Wielding two Crossbows hand that do not offer great bonus features will usually result in less damage than just using a bow with both hands with a quiver.

In addition, Archery provides 10% critical strike when using a crossbow in hand. This is a great advantage if you have a lot of damage with gear + bonus critical strike.

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