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The Best Skills of Witch Doctor

The recommendations range level in the game do a good job of pointing you in the direction. Consequently, in most situations, you can level up quickly by repeating the quest boss or mid-late act closest to your level. You can also earn experience points for fighting monsters that are around your level. This means you should not worry about rushing through acts (unless they are powered by a friend stabilized at max). In Diablo 3, leveling up is pretty simple since you have so many experience points bonus for repeat mid-act and the act-end boss quests.

While you might gain a little more XP for quests and kills the enemy by fighting hard for the difficulties earlier, unless you have a friend to power level you in a private game, you'll be better by focusing more Quick kills with less experience points and . Choose mid-quest boss or act in the late-act that is within your level range and offers the fastest kills. I also recommend staying in difficulty modes recommended for the following levels: Normal from 1-30ish, 30ish-50ish the nightmare, and hell of 50-60.

Unless you luck into an amazing group, pickup groups generally offer less experience points than playing solo. The Witch Doctor has such a variety of powerful buffs that the best skills Witch Doctor become very different from your other classes. First you should know that Soul Harvest provides such a breadth of intelligence that the Witch Doctor is less dependent on the speed of information than other classes. This will average the levels faster. If you do not have a team ready, whether you play with the group is inconsequential.

This does not mean that the Witch Doctor does not have the intelligence (he certainly), but the benefits Witch Doctor more damage-increasing other statistics such as increased attack speed than other classes and . Speaking of attack speed is increased; some jurisdictions require certain stats Witch Doctor while others do not have these statistics at all. For example, entering offerings dead weapon damage 20% for 8 seconds.

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