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D3 Jeweler Guide - Types of gemstones

The jeweler is one of the architects in Diablo 3 you can use to create powerful objects to use in your quest . While the jeweler not to manufacture equipment such as the blacksmith, the jeweler is able to upgrade gems, taken to add the equipment and remove gems from old pieces of equipment.

Since gems can be time consuming to collect and provide outstanding bonuses to your gear, gems are invaluable. As such, if you ignore the jeweler, you will cut yourself a lot of potential income. While you can always sell the jewels without the upgrade on the auction house, this will fill your limit of 10 auction sites fairly quickly. By upgrading your gems before selling them, it will take up less slots on the auction house.

In the next section of this guide Jeweller Diablo 3, we will be going on exactly what it is that makes the jeweler and then follow up with the progression of the jewelery.

D3 Jeweler Guide - Types of gemstones

There are four types of gemstones available to the jeweler: ruby, topaz, emerald, amethyst. Each gem has its own specific stat bonuses, and each location has its own effect. For example, a Ruby will have different effects depending Below are the stats associated with each gem:

Ruby: Helm: points increases experience by killing (percentage based) Weapons: Increases the damage.

Amethyst: Helm : Increases your total life (percentage based) weapon: saving lives by blow

Emerald: Helm: gold dropped by monsters extra; weapon: a gain bonus damage on critical hits.

Topaz: Helm: Increases magic to find; weapon: the attackers melee damage on impact.

Diablo 3 Jeweler Guide - Grades of Gems

In addition to the four different types of gems, each gem has 14 degrees of quality. In order, they are chipped, imperfect, regular, faultless, perfect, Radiant, Square, Square flawless, perfect square, Square Radiant, Star, Star Flawless, Star, and Star Radiant.

Each degree of jewelry does not change the type of each jewel provides stats but rather increases the benefit. For example, a chipped (level 1) Ruby adds 2-4 weapon damage, a square (level 7) Ruby adds 13-26 damage, and a starburst (level 14) Ruby adds 20-40 damage. Other grades of gems lie anywhere between the two on the scale.

Gems can be upgraded from one grade to another by the jeweler. This is the primary function of the jeweler in the game When you collect 3 gems of the same grade and type, the jeweler can update them one category of the gem quality next for a small fee. For example, three chipped Amethyst will turn into an amethyst imperfect.

You can find different qualities of gems throughout the game, and the more difficult enemies and the most difficult game mode, the better the quality of the gems you find . However, you will not find more than grade 8 gems, even Inferno mode. To get rank 14 gems, you will need to collect thousands of lower ranking gems and combining them to the jeweler. You can save time by buying more quality gems off the Auction House.

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